Night Aesthetics


The night, perhaps the most enticing part of the 24 hours we use.

Some use it to rest and recharge, while some gear up to give company to our dear friend Selene; the moon.

Studying during the night time, it feels quite surreal; your notes scattered in a haphazard fashion in the dead silence the veil of darkness provides, yet, giving you a total sense of control.


For the nocturnal, it's the night that gives them the fuel to combat this otherwise dark world. I feel it also soothes our dystopian setting, while somewhere in the world it is bright and shining, somewhere it is pitch black and the only noise you can hear is the sound of your heart beating as you contemplate your decisions, and despite the advice of your loved ones, overthink all your choices wondering if you ever did anything right. 


And for my dreamers, lost in a trance. Some swim in an ocean of unconsciousness. Some let their heads run free, showing their souls, cravings and thoughts. Somedays the night feels foreign, like someone you aren't particularly enthusiastic to meet. Sometimes, the night is the only tether that keeps you moving.

"Let me make it through the day, till I reach the night."


It's a beautiful creation… the night. Mysterious, vague and familiar, just like its hostess, the moon.

Selene watches over those who love her.

The night protects its own.

-Joanna Thomas