Imagine a scenario in which you do not feel like yourself every second of the day. A limbo in which you do not recognise your own self when you look in the mirror. That is the kind of feeling a person who has gender dysphoria goes through and has been going through for several years. Yes, a person does not wake up one day and chooses to identify as a transgendered person, it is a condition recognised by most psychiatrists around the world. The first case of this was officially recorded in 1952 when a sex-reassignment surgery took place. However, we can find stories about gender-reassignment in the Metamorphoses Greek myth that includes a tale about a woman raised as a male falling in love with another woman, and being transformed into a man prior to a wedding ceremony and staying with her. The American Psychiatric Association stated that gender nonconformity is not the same thing as gender dysphoria, and that "gender nonconformity is not in itself a mental disorder. The critical element of gender dysphoria is the presence of clinically significant distress associated with the condition." Currently countries like Great Britain and France have declared that transsexualism is not a mental disorder.


A trans-person generally starts feeling their dysphoria when they are merely three years old. And they aren’t able to actually talk about it for approximately fifteen years of their life due to social constructs and stereotypes. Many of them do not get the opportunity to do anything about this situation due to insufficient money or the conservative nature of their communities. People who are privileged enough to receive gender-reassignment surgery have to suffer immense pain and hatred. But they go through with this procedure as they cannot live their life being stuck in a body that does not feel like theirs.


Cis-people when asked about their pronouns, have oftentimes replied that they dont have any, which just proves that people will go to any length and often obtuse ways to be non-accepting. People often question the grammatical correctness of  “they” as a gender neutral pronoun, which makes me wonder how we can let language constrict our way of thinking. We invented a specific language to help us communicate better rather than restrict us from expressing ourselves. Every language has been through modifications and updates over the years, so why should we stop now?


The LGBTIA+ community also contains transphobia. People often call it a stunt to gain attention but we all know nobody is going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and change their entire identity and physical form to get a few days of attention. The full effect of transition comes after five years of having several surgeries and hormone injections. If changing your body is not natural or should not happen, there would not be actual medical departments and doctors who have that specific job.


Now we move onto gender fluidity. A gender fluid person does not conform to a single gender. They might fluctuate between a “man” and a “woman” or a gender which does not have specific rules or roles. Gender fluidity does not necessarily have anything to do with the body of a person and rather how they want to express themselves. They can be the most “feminine” or “masculine” person you have ever seen and would still prefer if you do not call them a woman or man respectively. 


It is very easy to make a person comfortable, just respect their choices. Listen to what they want to say and if they want to be addressed in a certain way, cooperate with them. It has never been and will never be funny to mock people for who they are. Some significant steps that can be taken to make trans people feel more comfortable include the installation of urinals in women's restrooms along with the provision of pads and tampons in the men's restrooms. The construction of such gender fluid restrooms will help greatly. The most helpful thing that you can do is mind your own business and go on with your life.


If any of you reading are going through this confusing part of your being, I really hope that you are able to find your actual self soon and experience gender euphoria.


-Lavanya Stuti