Femininity and masculinity are both subjects which get prodded from time to time. Both have been assessed frequently, and quite honestly have lost their true essence somewhere along the line. The ideas of femininity and masculinity which today’s generation is told to abide by are often perceived by many as outrageous and simply unfair. Some regard today’s idea of feminism as a concept which promotes oppression of men and at the very same time most of the movements for the benefit of men are disregarded as unworthy of any attention. The prejudice does not end here; it extends to the transgenders and gender fluids, often invalidated by mainstream media and general public. It’s all a paradoxical mess! The concept of respecting others' opinions while putting yours forward is remembered by very few. We, here at Retrospect aim to create a space safe to explore these new meanings. This page does not support men or women but gender equality and the mere right of putting forward your views. We hope you enjoy this experience as  much as we did!

Not All Men

By Tanishka Iyer

How to Set a Curve Straight

By Annyesha Bhuniya

Made in Misogyny

By Adya Bhalla

The Tale of the Afghan Woman

By Aniruddh Manitkala