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Retrospect is a student run digital magazine. The idea behind this magazine is to explore topics such as gender equality and mental health while also providing a platform for writers to showcase their work. With our three sections we aim to discover new, young voices and give every opinion an opportunity to be heard. Our goal is to provide a safe and relatable space for all as we explore issues that affect our generation and society. With new content every week, we hope to keep our readers entertained and aware. 


Beards and Heels is our section dealing with gender equality. It explores the issues around gender discrimination and gender identity. As the world evolves and becomes more inclusive, we would like to use this platform to spread awareness about these changes. We believe that every individual has a right to be educated before they are judged for their behaviour. The problem does not stem from saying or doing the wrong/offensive thing, it stems from the refusal to learn from it and change ourselves. With articles every week, we aspire to educate as many individuals as possible and make the transition to a more inclusive world easier.


A Glossary of Disarray, our mental health section deals with the stigmas around our mental hygiene. With the competition growing everyday, we often forget that the most important key to success is good mental health. Apart from acquiring success, a stable mind also helps us be more calm and happy in our daily lives. Although more than 40% of the Indian population struggles with depression, the stigma which surrounds issues related to mental health prevents people from seeking help. The awareness of mental health is also very limited. The definition of a peaceful mind extends beyond mere prevention of depression. It involves allowing your brain to rest and take a deep breath from time to time. It isn't something you practice on a bad day, it's something you practice everyday to make your mind capable enough to handle all the bad days. This section aims to help people elevate their minds with our weekly pieces


Every artist has a different style, a different voice. But one thing common to all artists is the struggle to find a good platform. With All Things Vogue, we expect to provide such a platform to individuals. The ability of the human mind to interpret everything in its own unique way is an underrated art. We want to use our magazine as a space to enable the free expression of this art. From pure journalism to a showcase of short stories, poems etc. this is your page curated by us for you. 


        Our goal at Retrospect is to keep you entertained, informed and aware..