Retrospect is a student-run digital magazine which aims to provide a platform for young writers to explore topics of social relevance. With our wide variety of content we hope to keep our readers entertained, informed and aware.

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A glossary of disarray is a section that works to destigmatize mental health issues by encouraging healthy discussion about the subject. Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable space for our readers while spreading awareness. Explore our articles by clicking below!  

The gender equality section, Beards and Heels is our way of breaking ridiculous stereotypes and contributing to a more inclusive world. The articles in this space have been curated to promote equality and individuality. Click the button below to know more!

All things vogue is a creative hub for writers to freely express their opinions on a broad spectrum of topics. It's a platform to explore content ranging from pure journalism to short stories, poems etc. We have created this page for you and your talent! Tap to know more!